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Amuletta Gemstones Guide

Amuletta Gemstones Guide

Symbolism & Meaning of Gemstones by Amuletta.

I was introduced to crystals and gemstones in the 1980’s. My Mum was inspired by the new age era. She collected crystals and read many self-help books. We visited a few psychics along the way that did tarot card readings and I always found the topic fascinating. She would visit a little shop called Reflections books, it was filled with hopes, dreams, incense & treasures from around the world. I always loved the worry stones and Angel Cards. I was thrilled to find out that the Reflections Books store is still in business; rare these days. I still have a few of my Mum’s crystals in my collection. Every once in a while I notice they have collected some dust and it’s time to bring them back to their prettiest state of existence; off to the bathroom sink they go, for a warm water wash and then I move them all to a hand towel on the windowsill for their sun-bath; sunlight has a way of purifying like towels drying on the line. Sun is magic.

Gemstones have the potential to hold special meaning and can help support an intention. I have always looked up their meaning and took what they symbolize as a momentary affirmation. I have created my own guide below and described them as they feel to me. I’m not an expert on the topic but I spend time admiring their beauty, working closely with them and marvelling at the story they tell me. 

Our Gemstone Guide: 

Agate – A healing stone and value of an amulet, creating balance to your constitution and attracting strength with will.

Amethyst – Instilling calmness, purification and connection. It assists in attaining wisdom and therefore worthy to hold during meditation or close to you when sitting quietly.

Aquamarine – This gemstone and emotional balance go hand in hand, with inner calm and releasing anxiety, it’s a reminder to release all your stress into the ocean and the tide will wash them away.

Blue Chalcedony – It’s a sacred stone and nurtures union together, there is a kindness about its soft mauve colour holding great compassion.

Carnelian – It feels amazing, how it holds in your hand is something of smooth strength with a warm earthy glow. Vitality.

Cherry Quartz – It creates a healthy balance and supports your intentions.

Chrysoprase – With a relationship to being a spiritual stone, it adds joy and happiness to one’s aura, love of truth and exuberant enjoyment of life.

Citrine – Golden in colour, directs the mind to the abundance of self worth and radiates health. It’s greatness lies in one’s own discovery of it.

Clear Quartz – Simply the stone of power and has been known to have a high vibration. It’s the most owned stone and most people have experienced its beauty and stature.

Cloudy or Milky Quartz – This gemstone is about self discovery and encourages us to head down that path that we are afraid to take. There is so much to learn along the way and with our first step forward, we are officially on our way.

Crystal – It’s spiritually purifying and historically used as ancient forms of medicine. We marvel at the rainbows when shared with sunlight just like when it was first discovered.

Fluorite – Clears your mind and promotes guidance and flow, owning your own piece of fluorite is a prized possession.

Hematite – It is such a versatile stone and really comes to life when polished. Known for its strong and powerful intentions, hematite promotes inner confidence.

Kunzite – It has a playful attitude to open the mind and brings a fresh perspective. Imagine the places you will go?

Labradorite – Associated with finding inner strength with courage, strong and steadfast. Labradorite has a beautiful opalescent colouring of layered greens and almost like gasoline on a road look to it.

Lapis – A deep celestial blue colour, connecting you to self-expression, it’s history remains the symbol of royalty and with stones of this calibre always come strength which lapis has for your immune system. Without health, royalty can’t rule. Honour.

Lava Rock – The elemental powers of fire and earth; it’s used for strength and courage and it is a very calming stone. Use a small drop of essential oil to the stone to enjoy the aromatic benefits. Multi-purpose.

Lolite – Bravely bringing forth a new perspective for the mind & body, allowing the gateway of tuning into your higher self.

Magnesite – It’s a quick feeling stone, firing off your creativity and imagination in all directions yet holding the balance of soothing and calm.

Moonstone – It has a story of the inner power stone to light your way like the moon assisting in fulfilling one’s destiny, it’s opalescence it’s clear to the viewer at first glance.

Morganite – It is beautiful with its ombré of calm colours influencing with soft gentle encouragement to healing your heart. It’s a stone that’s hard to come by.

Muscovite - Associated with self-reflection. Clarity of mind and stimulating confidence to lift your thoughts to higher realms. 

Obsidian –Similar to pyrite, a stone of protection, strong and mighty, keeping you out of harm’s way.

Onyx – Decisiveness by nature, gives the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively. It represents strength and truth.

Opal – Inspires your mind to think creatively and helps remove those blocks that have held you back.

Pearl – The pearl as we know it, wisdom through experiences and holds a beauty that lasts forever.

Peridot – It is a bright green colour, strengthens your life and starts an openness to growth. It gives renewal to all things.

Prehnite – It has a light green aura to its beauty and in that lies its mystical prophecy. It’s perfect for meditation and is worth holding in your hand to experience it.

Pyrite – Has a feeling of Egyptian culture, a protection stone, an amulet all on its own, that cuts away negative patterns and holds us strong like the pyramids standing the test of time.

Rainforest Jasper – Achieving balance in life deepening your focus and grounding you. It is said to contain the teachings of earth and was originally created about 120 million years ago.

Rhyolite – It focuses on the self-esteem, the worth and respect of an individual. It brings forth acceptance of our true self.

Rose Quartz – Loved by so many and it’s no surprise being it’s the stone of unconditional love. Like warmth emanating from the fireplace, rose Quartz emanates peace from its core. Calm inner thoughts.

Sandstone – Radiates the feelings of warmth and it brings forth our creativity as we discover our true path.

Smoky Quartz – Always a beloved stone, known for its grounding energy and amplifying the calmness and through that a positivity arises. A Deliciously warm power stone.

Sodalite – It holds creative energy and with a calm mind one finds wisdom and their truth.

Suyi Jade – An incredible moss green with warm yellow tones. Jade is notorious for drawing wealth to an individual and to protect one from illness. You can see why the Emperors loved this stone.

Turquoise – It has been known as the stone of friendship in many cultures, it has the feeling of summer sunshine and connects the sky to the earth together, very bohemian by its nature.

Zircon – Encourages growth to find your inner wisdom by aligning your body. It represents happiness and harmony.


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