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Top 5 beginner tools for jewelry making.

top 5 beginner tools for jewelry making DIY upcycle recycle start making jewellery

My favourite part of having an online jewelry shop is definitely the creative time I get to spend making earrings. Each day is always super busy being a mum, running a home and now a business. When I have an hours to myself, kettle gets put on and I make myself a large cup of bengal spice tea. It’s as good hot as it is cold. I love tucking into my little corner, cute little brass desk lamp draws me in along with the cozy vintage chairs, complete with layered faux furs from Ikea. I recently moved from the claw foot antique dinning room table into to my small  studio space. My tools are a vital part of all the projects. They are the hands you need to move metal that unites all your pretty stones together.

When I look at my tools, they remind me of good, dependable friends. I have had them for years and they feel comfortable in my hands. They are used in every single piece I make and play an important magical role in the creation of my Art. I am an Artist at heart and a self taught jewelry maker. I want to share what I use so that you might start on your own jewelry adventure.

Most of us start with modifications an existing jewelry pieces we own or fixing something at has broke. Then the world opens up with possibilities. With the good tools you can more easily branch out, feeding any creative desires that bubble up. You might suddenly picture in your mind a piece that you want to wear or make for a special friend. These basics will give you a starting point as you begin making your own jewelry. With a little practice and these tools, you will be well on your way.

My top five tools are a collection (6 items total).

My top 5 tools are:

My bent nose pliers are not a typical choice as one of the nose pliers are usually straight. I started with 2 bent nose pliers and they just work for me. They are the two main tools I use. I recommend getting two of these.

Bent nose pliers x2

Bent Nose Pliers


Bead Crimpers are an amazing tool. They are what make a tube of metal fold into a v and then wrap around itself. Finishing off a wire of your strand of beads for necklaces and bracelets. I have a pair of mismatched earrings that are done in this method too. The crimp pliers will blow your mind if you have never used them before.

Bead Crimper pliers 
bead crimper pliers

Round nose pliers are something I picked up after I learned I wanted to make tiny circles with wire. It’s the tool that makes the loop when you want to attach a hoop and bead together. There is a wrap that completes this and for that you need a second (bent nose pliers) and third tool (the wire cutter flush).

Round nose pliers

round nose pliers

The flush wire cutter cuts the wire super-close at an angle for a smooth finish.  After your wire wrap there is an end that need to be cut as close as possible and then pressed tight. These are the cutters I like because the tip is so thin. These are cutters you want to keep sharp. It's like the scissors you use to cut hair and never paper. 

Wire cutter flush
wire cutter flush

The final item of my beginners list is a basic wire cutter. I use these all the time to cut apart jewelry that I’m going to make into new up-cycled pieces. These wire cutters are more multipurpose compared to the flush wire cutters that you want to keep them really sharp and precise.

Wire Cutter
wire cutter


Beginner pack with 3 of the 5/6 tools- the needle nose pliers acts as one of the bent nose pliers  

Just adding this to the above set for cost effectiveness

Inspirations Photograph.

These earrings where assembled with these tools above. I collected new, used and sale items to create these mismatched boho earrings.

Bohemian Star Hoop Earrings by Amuletta 


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