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Top 3 Skincare Products for the Eyes

Top 3 eye skincare products plus a bonus sleep combination upcycled fabric eye pillow rose quartz. Trinny London makeup,  Tropic Skincare UK England, Rosel Heim Germany.

It's not always easy to make the decision about which eye skincare products to invest in and with this idea it prompted me to do a simple review of my 'top 3' products. I thought after being in the makeup industry for over 30 years, maybe I could be of some assistance, sharing what i love about them and why they make my top 3 with a bonus "perfect sleep combination'.

Let's have a look at some incredible skin care option for your eyes. 

The skin around our eyes is thinner and more delicate then the rest of our face and neck. It can go through a lot from getting pulled when we wash off makeup to being damaged by the sun and most importantly overall dehydration with lack of moisture.  This will help narrow down your search and guide you to choose what's right for your skin needs. You could easily start with one from my list and feel a significant improvement in your skin texture right away.

For myself, I like a wholesome, moderately high-end product with an honest approach to the products credibility. I want products that give me a mentally relaxed feeling as they soothe my skin, accompanied by an incredible aroma. The appealing scent has a lot to do with me trusting them. A product with a great smell gives me a sense of it's purity and in turn eases my mood. At the end of a long day this quality leads me to feel comforted and taken care of while I cozy up in bed or, in contrast, at the start of my day - that quality coming through from the aroma helps me feel awake and fresh, ready to start on a project. 

Due to a flooded market of advertising, it can create 'option anxiety' but once I found my favourites, I have become a super fan of these products and I rarely stray from them unless my best friend from England has discovered something she's raving about and can't wait for me to try it out. I'll give her suggestion a whirl and see if it can make my short list. 

Let's dive in.....

1-Eye Work by Tropic Skincare, rejuvenating serum.

When I choose an eye serum, I look for a product that has a cocktail of hard working ingredients. Tropic Eye Work delivers just that with vitamin C to gently brighten the skin, (I have found too may companies over-do the vitamin C, almost drying the skin) I love this product's texture. It gives me a sense of confidence because it's like food for my skin. Eye Work has coffee cherry extracts which is a product of the coffee plant and fruit extracted as a supplement for health and well-being. It also has hibiscus peptides which act as a tensor that promotes tone and firmness. I just love this product and put it on as often as I want to though the day.

How to use: massage around eyes as often as desired. The alloy tip has an unrivalled cooling sensation to reduce puffiness. 

Conscious claims: Cruelty-free, Vegan.

Less waste program: once the tube is empty, detach and keep the tip to be used with your next Eye Work refill. 


2-Eye Concealer BFF Serum by Trinny London, serum + concealer. 

trinny london bff serum eye concealer product

Eye concealer, with a twist. Trinny London has created an incredible product for eyes, she has not only mixed skincare with makeup but she has also created a 'match 2 me' colour system. When I filled it out, there were easy-to-answer questions and a simple selection of photos to choose from. It really helps hone in on the exact details of each person's skin colouring. I have ordered many products from her makeup line and absolutely love the BFF serum eye concealer. The tinted eye serum is designed to go under eyes, has a hydrating effect and it's fast to use when I'm running out the door. It allows for doubling up on brightening the under eye skin plus covering dark circles.

How to use: squeeze a little product out and dab under eyes, then use the cooling metal applicator tip to smooth product out under your eyes. The cool tip helps ease puffy eyes and is a lifesaver when in a rush. 


3-Corneo Lipid by Rosel Heim, repair cream.

 Rosel Heim Corneo lipid eye cream

I was introduced to this outstanding German skincare system many years ago and there are a few products from this line I cannot live without. Corneo Lipid is one of them. There is a lot of scientific information about this product, but first I want to share why I love it. It's a multi-generational company that was started in 1935, making it 87 years old, at time of writing. Rosel Heim never skimp on quality. They have super high standards for ingredients and when a mega french beauty line company wanted to buy them out, they turned down the offer because they couldn't guarantee their loyal clients the same impeccable quality they are known for. The Rosel Heim brand is still used by aestheticians in Germany today. Corneo Lipid replaces missing lipids in the skin. It enables the repair of the disturbed lipid barriers and the structure of the horn layer of the skin. I always find it interesting when products come out of Europe, as they focus on different aspects of what our skin needs which is why I love the nature + science motto of Rosel Heim. I always have this product on-hand when I need to deeply repair my skin for a 2 week treatment. 

How to use: apply to clean damp skin. Can be used regularly as a treatment for an extended period of time.

Bonus: Winning Sleep Combination 

Eye Dream by Tropic, firming overnight butter balm + Amuletta Eye Pillow.

I find after a long day of running a jewelry company and spending possibly hours on screens (hopefully not too many hours) but still the same, I find the skin around my eyes needs something luxurious. For the ultimate bedtime pampering, I turn to Tropics Eye Dream. The texture is a rich balm like consistency and the scent of the buttery balm has me connected to a subtle essence of black licorice. This product has a multitude of potent botanical ingredients from cotton seed oil to murumuru seed butter which is a rich fatty acid to help support the natural skin barrier. 

How to use: massage around your eyes before bed for a potent delivery of bio-retinols and vitamins. The blue tansy extract provides deep soothing nourishment as you sleep.

Although not a skincare product, I always pair this eye treatment with an Amuletta eye pillow. The gentle weight of the pillow calms the nervous system and induces relaxation. Filled with organic golden flax seeds and a mix of lavender flowers from Canada and France. Plus there is an added bonus of a tablespoon of rose quartz gemstones mixed through.

The winning combination of a handmade product supporting a deep restful sleep while your Eye Dream butter balm does its magic. 

Artisan Cotton Eye Pillow by Amuletta 


Amuletta eye pillows are made with upcycled fabric covers that can be removed for easy washing and come in cotton(left) or washable silks(right). These precious pillows are made is small batches and have quickly become coveted by customers. Bed time just got a whole lot better. Sweet Dreams.


These skincare products are chosen based on my skins needs and my age is 51 at the time I am writing this article. I have been using Tropic for 2 years, Trinny London for 2 years and Rosel Heim for 15 years+. I have been in the beauty industry working as a makeup artist for 30 years and have worked with all skin types. 

1 -Tropic Skincare covers all age groups and skin textures. Website is easy to use.

2 -Trinny London BFF serum eye concealer offers a colour match to find your perfect shade and I can verify that the match2me service works for this product and all the foundations & makeup products I have bought from Trinny London.

3 - Rosel Heim's complete skincare is a system that requires a consultation to give you the best level of skincare for your skin needs. You can reach out to the North American owner through the website. 

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.


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