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Pet support and gemstone charms with quick glossary

Real Gemstone pet charms for your dogs leash, dog collar and clasp to handbags, change purse, lululemon on the go bag or your keys.

Our pets create bonds in our hearts that can last a lifetime. They evoke emotions of love, happiness, comfort and sometimes stress. All pets come with their own unique histories and challenges. 

My little cat, Tim suffers from an obsession with me and has some anxiety. Tim is generally happy and content when he knows where I am. I create little havens in our home that feel like me so that he can always feel comfort even when I'm not around. I leave my pre-worn hoodie on his favourite chair in hopes that he will feel close to me when he inevitably curls up on it. We added an incredible product to our home that makes a world of difference too with his anxiousness. If you are not familiar with Feliway diffusers and spays, they mimic the natural, reassuring feline messages creating calm and comfort delivered by pheromones. We spray some into Timmy's kennel before he has a potentially scary visit to the veterinarian and I always have a diffuser plugged in by his food dish. Below is a photo of him at our home studio photo-shoot for Amuletta. 

Photo of Timothy, he's an OSH(oriental shorthair).

I was talking with a good friend who has a darling little shop in Fort Langley, (Canada BC) called  Chuckling Duckling Farm  She is a dog owner herself and has .....2 boarder collies...... she mentioned that gemstones for pets would be a fun thing to bring into Amuletta Jewelry line. So off to the jewelry studio I went to get to work creating. I had some larger stones that were rectangle in shape and they work perfectly with the lock latch so that you can see your beautiful coloured gems on your dogs leash. I also created an intention card to go with each gemstone charm. These are to inspire you and are intended to be playful in nature, helping you and your pet feel positive and supported. The intention cards tuck away in your wallet for safe keeping. 

Here is a quick glossary of the gemstone names, colour and intention to help you choose which one would best suit you and your pet. Don't worry, we will send you a matching meaning card with each charm so you remember why you chose that one for your beloved pet.


Rose Quartz 


A soft light pink hue.

Compassion, unconditional love and forgiveness. 

Shop Rose Quartz Charm



A dusty rose pink with a thin grain of taupe brown thought it.

Anxiety reducing, loving compassion and nurturing. 

Shop Rhodonite Charm


Tiger's Eye

 A warm golden brown colour that has highlighted bands thought it.

Inspires confidence, promotes health, and grounding. 

Shop Tiger's Eye Charm



A deep rich red colour

Courage, supports traumatic recovery and restores vitality.

Shop Carnelian Charm



A dark denim blue with white threads.

Calming, promotes emotional balance and reduces negativity.

Shop Sodalite Charm



A mossy green with beautiful opalescent pearl tones and dark green spots.

Harmony, inspires patience and enhances intuition.

Shop Labradorite Charm 




A jade green colour.

Gratitude, soothing, increases a sense of good fortune and luck.

Shop Aventurine Charm


Dyed Howlite

Typically white a grey grain, this stone is hold a brilliant turquoise colour.

Peacefulness, promotes stillness and mental wellbeing. 

Shop Dyed Howlite Charm



Natural howlite charm, colour white. 

Peacefulness, promotes stillness and mental wellbeing.

Shop Howlite Charm


I'd love to see a photo of your pet wearing their special charm. There is a few ways you can share, tag your social media posts with #amulettapetcharm or email a photo. I will be featuring pets in a virtual gallery coming soon. 




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