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What Does Luxe Bohemian mean for Style?

Blog post on spring fashion. How to wear altuzarra luxe bohemian dress with an amuletta jewelry earring.

I have always been passionate about artisanal design and this season's Luxe Bohemian style defines the modern bohemian perfectly; where more is more, when it comes to accessories and colour palettes and textures take a departure from what we all know as the traditional bohemian look. Luxe Bohemian is an amped-up global style, strongly flavoured with an exotic vacation-aesthetic, but not losing touch with its socially unconventional bohemian roots. The Luxe Bohemian style is all about loading up mixed gold & silver chains with crosses & coins accompanied with semi upcycled golden earrings. Layering bikini tops on thin gauze jumpers, wrapping fabric into skirts and double handbags. 


On the runway for spring 2022, Altuzarra, ready-to-wear had this incredible luxe bohemian dress with stunning craftsmanship and textile details. The tie-dye colour scheme weaving you along a never-ending road going from varying burnt sienna colours through to sanguine browns into a wash of soft rose-pink and blending to a creamy white to bring back the freshness in an otherwise heavy earthy pallet. Long trailing braided black thin threaded tassel belts, tied to the side with light-catching silver metal charms that are hand sewn on every few inches apart and woven across in a criss-cross wrapped knit sweater with deep cuts into the décolletage. It's all such a feast for your eyes meandering down the lane of highly creative detailing mixed together but in a relaxed way. 

Spring 2022 Runway Altuzarra Dress, image from 'Vogue Runway' (left) 

Photo credit Filippo Fior (left)

Ready-to-wear, Penelope dress by Altuzarra (right)



A strappy black sandal embellished with gold coins, mother of pearl and shells that wraps up your leg, giving strong Grecian goddess vibes. These sandals are something we can pull on from our existing shoe collections. Other footwear at the Spring Altuzarra show was a beautifully comical expression in the way that the designer laid beds of untamed faux fur soles for the models feet and took a macramé approach with pink cord to create a place of cosy luxury.

Spring 2022 Runway Altuzarra footwear, image from 'Vogue Runway'

Photo credit Filippo Fior 


Relaxed organization with the double handbags details. More braided elements using beautiful imitation leathers, colours of bright tangerine creamsicle, rich dark browns and warm creamy tones with touches of black. In some cases, pulling off a triple handbag look was impressive, the third was across the upper body and the strap was made of thick gold chain, taking the handbag into the jewelry territory, an Amuletta absolutely favourite design tactic when departments start to mix together. 


This is where the more-accessories-the-better comes in. Earrings are often golden and lavishly layered with coins, crosses, ombre colours and if you have your nose pierced, swap your diamond stud for a silver hoop nose ring. This creates a more tribal bohemian look. It's a heady mood, drenched in craftsmanship and rich colour that's unlocked by your mindful jewelry combinations. Find your local jewelry designer and see what they are making. Look for items that are well outside the basic gold jewelry pieces. It's an exciting season to break free from simple and safe.

At the Amuletta studio, I was extremely inspired by this look that I created this colourful Luxe Bohemian hoop earring (below). I used crosses on them, which to me gave a flavour of old Italy. It's everything the Altuzarra dress delivers but in an earring. With this Amuletta earring, you can continue to wear your favourite hippy dress from Free People or a vintage find from years ago. If you are looking for a  dress, I recently purchased The Amber Floral dress in cream from Mainland collective and i am wear my Luxe bohemian hoops earrings with it. 

I encourage you to get creative with your earring choices and develop your own Luxe Bohemian look. This style of earrings are something you wont find on the high street and will set your earring collection apart from fast-fashion.

Shop the Luxe Bohemian Earrings.


Eyes are the 'forever-in-style' smudged eye makeup look. Smoky taupe brown focusing heavier underneath and the top lid has a warm rosy flush colour that circles back to a flushed fresh face.

Image from Altuzarra 'Vogue Runway'

Brows are barely heavy here and brushed naturally in tones of current hair colour. 

Lips are that colour you get when you eat raw pomegranates as it stains your mouth. Who remembers when Benetint was a must have? The product was a dark liquid-like-water that stained your lips & cheeks - applied to bare skin. When Benefit Cosmetics hit the mainstream makeup market, it offered new products we hadn't seen or used before and the product has an interesting history! The founders of Benefit from San Francisco created their first product Benetint as a nipple tint for exotic dancers in 1976. You can read the entire article here. Allure Beauty Box.

Faces with freckles, if you have them, let them shine. If you don't have freckles, they can be added to your bare skin by easily creating them with Saltyface freckle paint for long-lasting faux freckles. 

Nails are polished with translucent, soft pink or matted clean tones.  


A hair style that can amplify the Luxe Bohemian image: Middle part, smooth and long with two lengthy, thin braids framing the face. The braids are simple and satisfying to do: just grab two chunks of hair at the front and messily braid them, finishing off with plastic black shiny elastics at the ends, leaving a 2-6 inch unbraided piece so that they look a like tassels. Notice the mismatched lengths of the braids in the photo below. This is absolute hippy hair at its best. Slightly messy is welcome here, as the sun-dried-after-an-ocean-swim look can be part of that luxe boho aesthetic. For a more refined version, a smoothed-back low bun is very suitable too. 

Image from Altuzarra 'Vogue Runway'

As a jewelry designer, what I love about the Luxe Bohemian set is that sense of abundance we get when we adorn ourselves with all our luxurious jewelry pieces.  It's a refreshing contrast to the style of jewelry we are coming out of that emphasizes simplicity above all else. Luxe Boho feels indulgent, but also has a raw creativity that I love. It gives me the sense of artistry and history, showing off layers and maybe glimpses into the wearers journey. It feels bold and as we emerge from difficult times, these bold expressive styles can be the thing that provides hope and inspiration. 


All the incredible images and details from the Altuzarra spring 2022 runway collection can be viewed here Altuzarra on Vogue Runway






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